Nowadays, shampoos are often filled with synthetic chemicals that that can cause reactions in sensitive people, as well as some chemicals being potentially environmentally harmful. Shampoos are manufactured by simple slow blending in a stirred vessel.

Shampoos are cleaning formulations used for a wide assortment of applications, including personal care, pet use, and carpets. They are poised primarily of chemicals called surfactants that have the special ability to surround oily materials on surfaces and allow them to be rinsed away by water. Most commonly, shampoos are used for personal care, especially for washing the hair.

The more important ingredients in shampoo formulations are water, detergents, foam boosters, thickeners, conditioning agents, preservatives, modifiers, and special additives. We are also tagged as Shampoo Making Plant Suppliers and Exporters from India

After a shampoo formula is developed, it is confirmed to ensure that its qualities will minimally change over time. This type of testing is called stability testing and is primarily used to detect physical changes in such things as color, odor, and thickness.

It can also offer information about other changes, like microbial contamination and performance differences. This testing is done to ensure that the bottle of shampoo that is on the store shelves will perform just like the bottle created in the laboratory.

Shampoo Processing Plant finds application in Lotions, Shampoo, Liquid Soap, Oral Medicine, Syrup Plant. For best results contra type rotating stirrer is best used for shampoo manufacturing.


  • Complete filtration of the batch without any holdup due to reverse flow of liquid hence large saving in time & cost.
  • Uniform distribution of cake on each plate.
  • Complete cake retains on the plate.
  • Single pass clear filtration.
  • Less exposure to the operating person.
  • No contamination of the internal surface of the shell.
  • The top dome structure ensures fast & easy removal of cartridge assembly & clearing of cake.
  • The cake, filter aid & solids remain totally enclosed allowing filtration of toxic, hazardous & explosive liquids

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